10th Annual Conference (2018) Videos

–Shaykh Muhammad al-Jilani, Chairman of The Qadriyya Association – The Gambia, discusses the weakness of the ummah and its cause, the role of a Murshid/Shaykh, the definition of a wali and finally, advises how we can improve our condition, Insha’Allah. *Arabic with English subtitles.

If English subtitles are not displayed, please enable them in the closed captioned (CC)/subtitles settings of your video player.


–Dr. Umar Faruq Abd-Allah expounds on the theme of our conference: “Navigating the Signs of the End of Time”. *Edited to include only the original English with Arabic translation. Download English & Arabic transcript here.


–Dr. Hiba Khodr (Associate Professor of Public Policy and Public Management at the American University of Beirut, Lebanon) discusses the importance of Suhba and Friendship. *In Arabic & English.


–Sidi Haroon Sugich shares wisdom about travelling the spiritual path. *In English.


–Dr. Abdussamad Romero speaks about the importance of Rahma/Mercy. *In Arabic.


–Recent converts to Islam, Shaykh Abdullah and his companions from the Balanta tribe in Guinea sing praises of the Divine.


–Sidi Ilyas Keeler recites from the Glorious Qur’an.