12th Annual Conference (2020) Videos

–Dr. Umar Faruq Abd-Allah expounds on the theme of our conference: “Marriage: Social Ideal and Cosmic Sign”. *Edited to include only the original English with Arabic translation. Download English & Arabic transcript here.

–Dr. Bashir Villen & Dr. Umar Faruq Abd-Allah presenting the activities of the Bushara NGO’s activities in The Gambia. *In English.

View the presentation that accompanied the talk here:

–Dr. Ahmed Saad al-Azhari (Founder & Director of the Ihsan Institute) discusses Sura al-Hujurat and the topic of division and fighting among humanity. *In Arabic, then English.

–Dr. Walead Mosaad (Chair and Scholar in Residence at Sabeel Community) discusses the importance of religion and humanity. *In Arabic.

–Dr. Muhammad Ilyas (Assistant Professor of Hadith & Its Sciences in the Faculty of Islamic Studies & an Academic Advisor to the President of International Islamic University Islamabad, Pakistan) explains the importance of the spiritual heart. *In Arabic.

–Dr. Muhammad Ouedraogo (a religious leader & scholar in Burkina Faso) shares his thoughts on the beauty of marriage. *In Arabic.

–Sidi Faisal Ghias explains the medical mission that volunteer doctors from abroad have come to The Gambia to offer their services for and introduces a new NGO, Sustainable Gambia, and its mandate. *In English.