Constitution (English)

Constitution (English)

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

All praise is due to Allah and Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon His blessed and honored Prophet Muhammad ibn Abdullah, his Family and his Companions

Constitution of the Qadriyya Association for the Revival of the Sunnah in The Gambia


This is a non-political, charitable Association with the vision to promote and revive the Sunnah and teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) and to critically look at the acrimonious divisions emerging at an unprecedented rate under the guise of religion. The Association will endeavor to promote tolerance, understanding and peaceful co-existence between all groups that uphold the Sunnah.


1.1 The Association would comprise of Six {6} executive members backed by Ulema/respected scholars.

1.2 The constitution of this Association will be the governing instrument and all members will be obliged to obey the rules and regulations stipulated herein, and no part can be added, deleted or amended unless two-thirds of the membership deem it necessary.


2.1 The name of the organisation as agreed by the Executive Committee is: The Qadriyya Association for the Revival of the Sunnah in The Gambia.

2.2 The Headquarters of the Association will temporarily be at Kunta Kinteh House, Kololi, The Gambia.

2.3 Established: 2nd July 2008

ARTICLE 3: GOALS AND OBJECTIVES – The Qadriyya Association for the Revival of the Sunnah in The Gambia’s main goal is to promote religious tolerance, understanding, and to propagate the teachings of the Qur’an and Sunnah.

3.1 To disseminate the message of the Sunnah through conferences and GAMOs.

3.2 To consolidate solidarity and cooperation among Islamic associations locally and internationally through seminars and conferences.

3.3 To educate the youth and middle-age generation on the teachings of the Prophet (PBUH) via online media as well as the distribution of pamphlets and other educational materials.

3.4 To courteously condemn and discourage all sorts of extremism, terrorism, and violence in all its forms and resolve towards a more responsible approach that would foster dialogue and discussion.

3.5 To propagate healthy moral behaviour and join the battle against the HIV / AIDS pandemic.


4.1 Membership shall be open to every person interested in the activities of the Association.

4.2 Every member shall pay a monthly subscription that is ratified by the General Body.

4.3 A member assigned to perform a given task should carry it out diligently for the Association.

4.4 Every member shall be obliged to buy a membership.


5.1 Voluntary withdrawal from the Association.

5.2 Disobeying the rules and regulations of the Constitution.

5.3 To create or propagate false information in order to defame the Association.

5.4 Failure to pay subscriptions as prescribed by the Association.

5.5 Subscriptions will not be refunded if the member quits for one reason or another.


6.1 The Executive Committee will be responsible for the day to day running of the Association including programmes and conferences. The Executive Committee will be comprised of the following:

(a) President of the Executive Committee

(b) Vice-President of the Executive Committee

(c) Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer

(d) Secretary and Assistant Secretary

(e) Auditor and Assistant Auditor

(f) Public Relations Officer and two Assistants

6.2 The position of all executive members and their assistants will be elected by the General Body except for the President of the Executive Committee and Vice-President of the Executive Committee.

6.3 The terms of the President of the Executive Committee and Vice-President of the Executive Committee will be life-long except if otherwise declared by them.

6.4 Other executive members’ mandates could be extended as long as the Association so desires.

6.5 The Executive Committee shall meet once a month to assess the prospects and constraints of the Association and come up with recommendations which could be put forward to the members in the General Body meeting that follows for endorsement. The Executive Committee is directly answerable to the General Body.

6.6 The Executive Committee could take certain decisions in the absence of the rest of the members on issues and policies that serve the best interests of all and sundry, where it is not possible to convene a General Body meeting.


7.1 The General Body is comprised of all the members of the Association and is mandated to elect the Executive Committee, except the position of the President of the Executive Committee and Vice-President of the Executive Committee.

7.2 The General Body could pass a vote of non-confidence on the Executive Committee, if they fail to function in accordance with their expectations or commit dubious acts that could jeopardize the progress of the Association.


8.1 Contributions.

8.2 Donations and Sponsorship from Organisations/Individuals.

8.3 Investment Projects and Others.

8.4 The Association’s money will deposited at a Bank.

8.5 The signatories to the account will be determined by the President of the Executive Committee in consultation with the Executive Committee.


9.1 Any amendment of the constitution shall come from the Executive Committee or from two-thirds of the General Body. The Executive Committee should be informed of the matter 20 days in advance.

9.2 If the required quorum is absent, another shall be summoned within a month and the invitation shall contain the agenda and date for the meeting.


10.1 The General Body shall be summoned to discuss the dissolution of the Association. Such a meeting shall be attended by two-thirds of the entire membership. Upon failure to get the required quorum, another meeting shall be called within a month. Any turnout to such a meeting shall form a quorum.

10.2 Upon dissolution of this Association, any remaining cash shall be spent to settle any outstanding liability owed by the Association. Any surplus cash will be given to charitable associations or rural poor communities.


1. President of the Executive Committee: Sherif Mohamed Haydara Al-Jilani

2. Vice-President of the Executive Committee: Sheikh Yakub Oul Yusuf Oul Sheikh Seediya

3. Treasurer: Al Hajji Kunta Kinteh

4. Secretary General: Al Hajji Omar Ndow

5. Auditor: Alasana S.T. Jammeh

6. Public Relations Officer: Momodou Lamin Touray

7. Advisor: Haroun Jarju

8. Protocol Officer: Mahfouze Aydara Latrikunda


1. Mustapha Bojang

2. Ebrima Fatty

3. Kebba Landing Sanyang

4. Borry Cessay

5. Birray Cham

6. Suleiman Fall

APPROVAL STATUS: It was unanimously approved by Congress at the first meeting held on the July 2, 2008 at the address mentioned above.