11th Annual Conference (2019) Videos

–Dr. Umar Faruq Abd-Allah expounds on the theme of our conference: “The Natural Order of Beauty and Goodness in Islam”. *Edited to include only the original English with Arabic translation. Download English & Arabic transcript here.

The video referred to by Dr. Umar and shown to the audience at the conference is here:

–Brother Ali (world-renowned hip-hop artist) shares his thoughts on the beauty of the Gambian people. *In English.

–Prof. Abdussamad Romero (founder of the Azzagra Cultural Foundation) speaks about the importance of Tasawwuf as a manifestation of Islam’s beauty. *In Arabic.

–Dr. Walead Mosaad (Chair and Scholar in Residence at Sabeel Community) discusses the importance of imbibing the inward and outward beauty of our beloved Master Muhammad, ﷺ. *In English, then Arabic.

–Sidi Abdul Atheem Peter Sanders (celebrated photographer, author and lecturer) presents excerpts from his forthcoming book, “Meetings with Mountains”. *In English.

Mrs. Aisha Virginia Gray Henry (co-founder of Islamic Texts Society and founder of Fons Vitae publishing houses) reviews the successes of the new al-Ghazali children’s teaching curriculum. *In English.

–Sidi Mohamed Serageldin recites from the Glorious Qur’an.