8th Annual Conference (2016) Videos

–Shaykh Muhammad al-Jilani, Chairman of The Qadriyya Association – The Gambia, discusses the examples set by the Ahlul Bayt for displaying good character and worshipping with sincerity. In addition, Shaykh discussed the need to be mindful and rectify any mistakes one sees inwardly as well as in one’s own Tariqa, lest others accuse you of hypocrisy. EDITED to include only Arabic, not Wolof and Mandinka.

If English subtitles are not displayed, please enable them in the closed captioned (CC)/subtitles settings of your video player.


–Dr. Umar expounds on the theme of our conference: “The Nobility of the Muslim Ummah in our Times”. *Edited to include only the original English with Arabic translation.


–Shaykh Hatem Yousef speaking on the honor and privilege of being followers of the Blessed Prophet Muhammadﷺ. *Speech is in Arabic. Download English transcript here.


–Sidi Mostafa Abdel Majeed singing praises of the Blessed Prophet Muhammadﷺ.