Fundraising for Projects

As-salamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu. Please find below the projects that our community members have requested fundraising assistance for. Note that the projects listed here do not constitute an endorsement by the Qadriyya Association of The Gambia and/or Shaykh Muhammad Hydara al-Jilani. We are just providing a forum for our community to learn about these projects and contribute as/when they are able.

Project Name: Instituto de Cultura Andalusi Zawiya/Musalla Project

Project Owner: Instituto de Cultura Andalusi

Project Website: (URL)

Location: Lanjaron/Orgiva, Andalusia, Spain

Funding Amount Required: (Currency and amount)

Funding Mechanism: (PayPal, GoFundMe, DonorBox, etc.)

Description: Help us create a new space for prayer and study in al-Andalus!

Phase One: The Summer Musalla
The first phase of our musalla project has already begun. We will be creating the infrastructure for a final mosque while establishing an interim open air prayer and study space for this summer’s programs, insha’llah. This will include levelling and tiling the floor areas, replacing the corrugated iron roof with new timber beams, providing summer shade with locally sourced caña and architectural landscaping for an adjacent secluded ladies area.

Phase Two: Year Round Mosque
Funds permitting, construction on the second stage of the musalla, to include an insulated tile roof, custom windows and doors, heating, separate men’s and women’s wudu areas, and extended terraces, will begin in September 2019, insha’llah.

Project Name: Dar ul Qasim Main Campus Expansion

Project Owner: Dar ul Qasim

Project Website:

Location: Chicago, USA

Funding Amount Required: USD 2,000,000

Funding Mechanism: