Media Coverage of 3rd Annual Conference

Media Coverage of 3rd Annual Conference

The widely-read online news service covered the 3rd Annual Conference as follows:

Ebrima M Kanuteh

4 February 2011

The Qadriyya Association for the Revival of Sunnah (QARS), on Saturday held its 3rd annual conference at Paradise Suites Hotel. The theme of the conference was: “Abdul Qadir al-Jilani and his reform of Religious Scholars of his time and the appearance of Salah al-Din.”

Speaking at the ceremony, the guest speaker of the occasion, Dr. Umar Abdullah Al-Faruq, a United States-born orator in Islam thanked God for making the day a success and prayed for all those who attended the ceremony to have long life and good health. He disclosed that the main aim of the association is to call on all Muslims in the world to come together as one people.

He urged Muslims to follow the footsteps of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) as he was the one whom God sent as an example to us and for us to learn from him.

He described Abdul Qadir al-Jilani as a pious and a true Muslim who did a lot to ensure the spreading of Islam across the world. The US-born orator described knowledge as the fundamental tool to salvation and called on his fellow Muslim brothers to send their children to Islamic schools in order to gain knowledge and worship God.

Alhaji Omar Ndow, the secretary of the association also thanked God and all those who were present at the ceremony and said that if one invests in Islam, only God knows the amount of reward you will get. He finally called on Muslims to come as one people and follow the words of God.