Part of QARS’ mandate is to educate and to this end, we have embarked on a long-term plan to provide basic schooling to children in under-serviced/remote areas of The Gambia.

In 2012, construction began on a new school for 50 children aged 6-18 in a rural area outside the capital, Banjul. This project is sponsored by the Al Bushara Foundation in Spain.

Here are some photos:


Moreover, in partnership with the Global Wellness Foundation of Malaysia and other supporters, we have identified and begun helping the following communities:

1 – Munyagen – has started building a school structure. The school still needs fencing, toilets, water facilities and furniture among other things.
2 – Kembojeh and Baaba Njie – already have schools, but in very poor condition, built from the villagers’ contributions. There are no toilets, no running water, no chairs and classes are exposed to the elements.
3 – Essaw and Tanji – are in the same condition as above.
4 – 6 Villages in the Brikamabaa area – all of which have neither schools nor centers to educate their children.

Here is some very moving footage of the school children receiving us during our visits:

Here are some photos of the communities mentioned and their schools:

All of these are long-term projects which will need modest but sustained funding over time. If you would like to contribute to any of these ongoing programs, please contact us. Thank you.